Due to unforseen events in 2020, Bethany had to change the business to include staging ONLY to her personal listing clients. If you have a home you’d like sold, and want to add staging but don’t want to pay the extra staging fee’s, this is an excellent opportunity for you to list your home with Bethany, a seasoned agent of over 15 years, for far less costs and way more value! 

*Staging services included in full price listing. Dicounted listing available for less services.

*Vacant Home Staging Package  – Our 4 Step Process

1.  Initial Consultation  – A Bella Staging and Design Consultant meets with the home sellers and real estate agent, goes over the process, the budget and reviews the home.  During this time we will be taking lots of pictures and measurements as well as brainstorming on every furniture piece, accessory and detail needed to complete the home.

2.  Furniture Planning  – When the home seller decides to proceed, the Bella Staging and Design Consultant meets with the furniture rental company that best fits this project.  We have pre-arranged relationships with furniture rental companies that serve different purposes, depending on the type of home.  We then pick each piece that best suits the home and the seller’s budget.

3.  Moving Day  – The Bella Staging and Deisgn Consultant and assistants meet the furniture rental movers at the home and direct where all of the pieces should go.  The Consultant has also brought additional accessories in the form of bed linens, wall coverings, plants, trees, table décor, pillows, throws, light furniture, knick knacks and additional pieces.  The Consultant and assistant will spend a day or more adding these home accessories in order to finish the “look.”

4.  Sold!  –  When the house is sold and escrow is almost closed we will then meet with the furniture rental movers and spend a day de-staging the home.

Pricing will vary depending on size of the home and furniture pieces needed. 

Please call (801) 599-9704 for a bid

Occupied home staging services 

 Initial Consultation and Walk Thru
All of our services start with an Initial Consultation Working Session and Walk Thru.  This way we can better serve the home seller by assessing first what can and should be done to the home in order for it to show better and sell faster.  A Bella Staging and Design Consultant will spend up to one hour with the home seller walking thru the home and discussing needs, wants, goals and expectations.  During this time the home seller will get tons of information on how to address each room of the home so it shows to it’s fullest potential and we will start transforming rooms! We will end the consultation with a proposal for further staging services if needed.  Full  Action Plan will also be provided at no additional charge! 
 1/2 Day Staging Includes 10+ page Action Plan

 (Up to 4 hours)

This service is for those homes that just need a little extra attention and expertise.  The Bella Staging and Design Stager will be working off of a detailed walk thru work sheet that will be given to the Home Seller in order to complete the transformations.  We will spend 4 hours transforming the home focusing on priority of effectiveness.


 Full Day StagingIncludes 10+ page Action Plan

 (Up to 8 hours)

We spend a full day working off of our detailed Action Plan making dramatic transformations to your home.  You won’t believe the difference a day can make!  At the end of the session Bella Staging and Design will give the detailed Action Plan to the Home Seller in order to complete the transformations if needed.

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*Staging services included in full price listing. Dicounted listing available for less services.

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